Saturday, March 10, 2007

Gimme That Old DVD!!

Heroes... I love this show. I was skeptical when I first heard the premise. Another superhero rip off show. I was wrong. It has tremendous potential. Oh mind you, I'm a little disappointed at how slow the storyline drags along from time to time, but if you watch the shows in blocks, as I did when was rerun on a marathon on the Sci Fi channel, then it gallops into a cohesive tale.

Although I am tempted to throw more accolades onto the heap, let me instead say what I said to my wife last week: "I will finish this season and then wait until Season Two is on DVD rather than watch it week to week." Why? Consider that "Heroes" is now on its second break of its first season. Fans who sat on the edge of their seats now have to wait until the end of April for the series to resume. WTF?

When "Battlestar Gallactica" started this, I nodded. Okay, a science fiction show, it probably needs time to get its effects together. And I would rather have a break than watch a bunch of reruns. But two breaks? TWO??!!! No. I draw the line there.

In the last two years I have watched several series on DVD. I've watched the entire X-Files, except for the last two seasons (I'll be finishing that this summer). I've watched "Millenium", "The Shield", "Rescue Me" and "24" in the same way. At times my wife and I would kick back on a Saturday night and after some fooling around watch Jack Bauer for a four hour block torture his way into our hearts. What struck us was how well the continuity of some of these shows worked when watched that way. And sometimes, how tired one became of recurring storylines.
Of course, it's tough to stay away from a show because you want to wait for the DVD. I've been sorely tempted to watch a little of "Lost"'s current season. Just a peak. But nope, I'm keeping my resolve so I can watch it on DVD, without commercials, without having to wait weeks while they interrupted airings.

So, I say of "Heroes", one of the three television shows that I watch as aired: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. After this season, I won't be watching you until Season Two's DVD is available. The whole season. And they better not do what BSG does, release Season 2.1 and then 2.2.


urf said...

Watching shows on DVD is a good idea. You get to skip all the commercials too. I've never seen 24 and one of these days I'm gonna rent/buy the DVD's so I can watch the entire series from the beginning.

As far as waiting out a season for a show to go to DVD, I just can't do that. If there's a new episode I gotta watch it. Waiting for the DVD to be released would just kill me. I do hate the way they run seasons now where they give you a handfull of episodes and then dissapear for a month before you get more episodes. I miss the days of a full season of episodes and then the show would go on summer hiatus.

It is frustrating to watch a show for 5 episodes, get really into it and then have it dissapear for a month. Grrr!

Peter P said...

I watched Firefly on DVD only.

I think you can also buy episode from iTune.

Stewart Sternberg said...

urf, it's worth the patience. Hell, just go watch dvd's forget there's anything on any other channel. And you are right, it is offensive to have someone go on hiatus after five shows.

Peter, that's how I watched Firefly, too. Well worth it. It's also how I watched the first season of Battlestar Galactica. I came across a box set marked down to a ridiulously cheap price and figured: What the heck.

mist1 said...

Taking two mid-season breaks is a good way to get me to forget about a show.

Kate S said...

Yeah, I felt the same way about Heroes - thought it would be stupid, but then I liked it until it kept dragging out. DVD is the way to go.

SQT said...

I've started watching shows on DVD too. I haven't even started Hero's yet and I probably won't until I can rent/buy it.

I also love having good shows on DVD because I will go back and watch them again.

Peter P said...

sqt, I believe you can watch Heroes episodes on the show's official website.

Alex said...

Yeah. I am not sure you need to bother with this season of Lost. It's not the same show it was in the first season. It's still good, but it's a different show. They must have brought new writers in, or gone past the point where they actually had some idea of what they were going to write about. It seems like improv.

I think the best show to watch in one or two sittings is Rurouni Kenshin (followed by the AMAZING OVAs, especially the last two). The series is hit and miss with the various story arcs (i.e. runs a little slow in the middle episodes), but the level of patience the writers showed in developing the relationships between the characters, the gradual layering of emotional attachments rather than a BANG! I love you/hate you formula most shows are taking these days (see Battlestar Galactica for completely unearned relationships) has earned my neverending respect.

Another good one to sit back and watch in sequence is Brisco County Junior. Bruce Campbell is by far the most under-rated actor of his generation (even Jack of all Trades was kinda' funny, in that it didn't take itself seriously like Hercules and Xena), and it still dumbfounds me how this show - the best in its genre since Wild, Wild West - could have been cancelled!

ShadowFalcon said...

Don't say anymore! They haven't shown it here yet!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Breaks always sound a ploy. The only break we had to have in Britain was for 'Lost'.

Stewart Sternberg said...

Mist, Kate ...I agree entirely. If we weren't living in the age of DVD, I would probably be giving up on Heroes altogether.

SQT, good to see you around. When I read your last post, I sort of figured I'd better step in here and keep things flowing. But then, you knew I would.

Peter, I think she probably would be better off waiting for the DVD. Seeing a show on computer just isn't the same as kicking back. Oh, it will do in a pinch. But as a regular thing, I can't see it.

Thanks for the tips there Alex. I loved Briscoll County. I have that on DVD. It was a fun show, although I think the story arc had trouble finding itself. Still, I am sure that had they allowed it to continued, it would have righted itself.

I agree, Bruce Campbell can be a good deal of fun.

Shadow, Jean Luc, I suggest that it is only fair that we all get together and watch a few episodes of something. Of course, I'm short of cash now, so the two of you will have to help come up with the tickets and accomodations in Britain

Alex said...

Hey, if we're passing out tickets to Britain, I've been missing Oxford like crazy now that spring is coming. Help a brother out, here!

SQT said...

Thanks for taking up the slack Stewart, it is much appreciated. It's been kind of nice to have one less thing to think about. I'll probably throw a post up tonight or tomorrow morning so you don't have to keep putting stuff up for me. I also still plan on writing the renewal piece for your blog; I've kind of been looking forward to that.

Angela/SciFiChick said...

What did you think of Millenium? I've never talked to anyone who's seen it..

SolShine7 said...

Heroes is my favorite new show! I just wish they didn't have these long breaks between the new episodes.