Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Speaking of parallel universes....we appear to have fallen into one where BSG is the 21st Century version of Star Trek:TNG.

While I am VERY happy to have an episode all about my second husband, 'The Woman, King' went beyond filler episode because we blew our wad already on cool effects, we had, for me anyway, stumbled into STAR TREK THE NEXT GENERATION territory.

You know what I am talking about. While I loved the show. TNG was never great at stringing multi episodic tales together. Each our was it's own little story and they ran fast and loose with continuity to make it suit the storyline.

We know we are being messed around with right away when they show "previous" happening that we actually have not seen. And while that can be fun, you also gotta wonder. I am still doubtful that the writers are as clever as we would like them to be. I feel the same way about the writers of Lost - they are making it up as they go.

So...Helo gets a crap assignment to look after the civilian refugees.

Now while I get that they have a lot less ships than when they started out and so there WOULD be a scramble to house these folks. I kept asking; 'where were they before Galactica?' And if there is no room for them anywhere, how come they keep having room for cool bars for the crew to hang at.

Civilian Doctor? Greatly admired by Tigh??? Boy, we never heard or saw this guy before. Did we ever get even a hint that there WERE other doctors assigned roles in the fleet???

Lots of eye opening news.

Sharon can't seem to understand why Helo is so upset? SHE can't understand? The dialogue between these two, in my opinion, was very uneven and didn't make too much sense to me.

Not to mention they all seemed to have adjusted a bit TOO much to being lied to about Hera about her death. I didn't picture happy families. I would have imagined more a couple paranoid about her continuing existence and not letting her out of their site. While Helo is a very idealistic fellow, he DID sabotage his own people's chance at wiping out the Cylons. Are we going to hear more discussion about the fear surrounding Hera's existence. Would the rest of the crew be THAT palsy with him? Sharon and him just felt too comfortable in their role as happy family. Would it even be safe to have him around civilians? Some people MUST know who he is and what he is married to. Would not he and Sharon wonder about his assignment as a wish for an 'incident' to happen to him by some angry victims?

Oh and help me here. My husband says that there was never mention that Tom Zarek was made Vice President. I disagree..I actually remember hearing this.....who is right?

And can we just answer once and for all why the Cylons want to find earth? I am just a bit confused about how it started as one group of cylons basically becoming rebels and and almost sympathizers to the humans into the whole wack of them ready to follow this religious idea. And why isn't anyone asking about going home now that they have apparently cleared out of the Colonies? It just seemed a huge shift in their whole reasoning.....I guess for me I need more dissent amongst them.

All in all for me it felt like a contrived hour that played fast and lose with the rapidly disintegrating continuity of the story.

My hopes are wavering on the continuing quality of the show. I hope they prove me wrong.

They did get their season four. So fingers crossed.


SQT said...

I remember a scene where Roslin shakes Zarek's hand and welcomes him as VP.

I haven't seen the latest episode yet or the so called "scenes from previous shows" so I don't know what they showed as far as that scene goes. But they did mention Zarek being VP; I'm sure of that.

This season has been a bit sketchy for me. At first I really liked it. I thought the first two shows of the season were great. I wouldn't have minded a little more time following what happened to the human population on New Caprica, but I've always maintained that I like how the show moves forward.

But other stuff I don't get. There really isn't a good reason for the Cylons to want to find Earth. The only thing I can think of is maybe they want to wipe the whole human population out. But maybe there's more to it. The Cylon's worship one God, like the majority of humans on Earth, so that might play into future episodes once they find Earth; if that isn't the end of the show that is.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Galactica 80 is a lot about having found Earth.

Tina said...

Acually, Zarek was never made VP. Gaius won out in that race thanks (sorta) to the mechinations of President Roslin. She did shake Zarek's hand, and kiss him on the cheek at the top of the episode...

I love this show. Am at the end of Season One (if Netflix would kindly quit screwing me I'd be well into Season 2.0)...

SQT said...


I don't want to spoil it for you, but Gaius doesn't end up being the only VP. Heck, Roslin doesn't end up being the only President.

Crunchy Carpets said...

Tina...you have sooooo much to catch up on.

Alex said...

They are HORRIBLE at setting things in perspective with this show. I mean, half the fleet knows that Roslin conspired to rig the election, yet she is allowed to just assume the position she lost to Baltar without an election, or anything (post-New Caprica occupation).

Roslin and Adama conspire to steal a baby from a high-ranking officer's family, and nobody calls them out on this?

Starbuck has broken every rule in the books, has cheated on everyone or with everyone's lovers, has decked every superior officer, drove a fellow pilot to kill herself by voluntary exposure to unsafe levels of radiation, but still - still! - everyone just loooo-uh-uh-uh-oves Starbuck! I mean, how much more selfish do you have to be before people start to dislike you?

Every Cylon except Athena is a dirty trickster, but Adama happens to like the chick that shot him, so she's made an officer and given complete trust within the fleet. I mean, come the @#$% on! That's like suggesting the U.S. would have put a NAZI officer who defected in charge of a battalion in WWII! It's bad enough that people could believe he'd allow her to roam free about the ship, but full security clearance and a commission?!

The list goes on.

I try to suspend doubt, but the character interactions on this show are so wildly out of range of probability that it makes me angry. I've decided to give it a couple more episodes before I cut Galactica from my download list. It's more frustrating than entertaining.

I would have listed my disbelief that anyone could ever be tempted by Starbuck while they had Dee, but no matter how strongly I feel, I realize that's personal preference. =)

SQT said...


There isn't anything you say that isn't true. There are things about the show I still like though. I'm not even sure why. But whenever Six is allowed to have a kick ass moment, I kinda want to cheer a little. Though I guess that's rooting for the other other side.

The only spin I can put on it that allows me to suspend disbelief is the fact that there are so few people left. Starbuck is supposedly this awesome pilot, so they allow her screw-up's because they need her for the fleet. Though I would think that there would not be any room to trust Boomer for the same reason. I also cannot believe that Helo would get away with sabotaging their one chance to eradicate the cylons. I mean, we're talking about the survival of humanity here!

Oh, and Dee is waaaay better looking than Starbuck. And the personality goes without saying.

Crunchy Carpets said...

Yep, Alex...we here at the house of crunch find ourselves more and more yelling at the tv while it is on instead of just being happy.

Alex said...

Yeah. Dee is gorgeous. I hope she starts landing more movie parts. Unfortunately she is so far from the standard Hollywood beauty type, that she had better have an excellent agent if she wants some leading roles.

Too bad, too. She's a great actress, and easy on the eyes.

As for throwing remotes at the tv, I've been baned from holding the remote anymore. People say I'm dangerous. =(