Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ok....lets talk Battlestar

I don't really have a topic here, but would love to hear what everyone thinks of this season. And what did everyone think of 'Unfinished Business?' I tend to NOT read websites, and tv news sites filled with spoiler material for the shows. I enjoy just watching them as they come and to be NO SPOILERS IF YOU KNOW SOMETHING!!!! While I liked Kara/Starbuck, I am beginning to tire of her. I am hoping something major is lined up for her soon. It just feels like the whole 'push authority and push away friends' thing has run its course. And I hope that this episode was not the end of it. I feel she needs a smack down...or at least to feel the consequences of alienating all those around her. Adama did the whole shape up or ship out thing...and I am assuming her cutting her hair and flying again meant she had shaped up...but really. I hope something more comes of her time with the cylons. Helo....Helo Helo..sooooo hunky. But come on!!! Yes you married a cylon but to sabotage a chance to eradicate the threat forever???? That HAS to come back and bite him on the ass. So. What is everyone else's thoughts on all the goings on?


SQT said...

I haven't watched this particular episode yet, it's on TIVO, so I'll watch it tonight and get back.

But I am with you on the Kara issue. She's so arrogant that it gets old fast. I liked Anders and thought they did a good job of making her impossible to live with. I understand that they're trying to keep up some kind of relationship between her and Lee, but how long are we supposed to buy the love/hate thing?

The Helo/Sharon situation is going to get interesting soon I think. Once Sharon realizes that Hera is alive, she's going to be pissed! And yeah, Helo needs to have some sort of comeuppance for sabotaging the mission to eradicate the cylons. Obviously they had to do something like that, or end the show. But to just sort of act like it never happened doesn't make sense either.

Caylynn said...

I haven't seen any episodes from this season yet. They don't air here until January. But I am looking forward to seeing what happens. I really enjoyed the first two seasons.

BTW, my introductory post announcing your site is finally up on my blog. It was a busy weekend, so didn't have time to do it before now.

Stewart Sternberg said...

The problem with television series, especially those that have continuuing stories, is that they get old. OLD. Babylon Five was planned for a five year story arc. It reached it's conclusion and then for some idiot reason, it kept going.

X Files suffered from this syndrome. So did such shows as The Sheild, in my opinion.

Galactica has the danger of falling into this mode. It is brilliantly conceived at this point. It is dark, tense.

The second season, beginning with the colonization and skipping a year...I think that was a mistake. I think the second season could have begun with the rigors of colonization, the politics, and the Cylons shouldn't have made an appearance until almost near the end of second season.

What did I think about Unfinished Business? I loved it. Of course, it is one of those episodes which was more filler than anything else. I am not sure what they are going to do about the developing love triangle. I wouldn't be surprised if they resort to the old soap opera thing and kills someone off.

Hey there, Skippy said...

lee. adama. jamie. bamber. lee. adama. jamie. bamber.

that's really all i have to say.

SQT said...

Jamie Bamber is hot. I think that's why I hated to see his character get chubby. The body is what made him. (I am so bad) The only problem is that I think he's short. I'm a tall girl, so short guys don't work for me. So I guess I have to oogle Helo. Oh darn.

Hey there, Skippy said...

he gets fat? FAT? you said no spoilers!!!!

SQT said...

Err, you haven't watched this whole season?


Stewart Sternberg said...

One aspect of Battlestar Galactica which I love is the idea that the cylons are monotheistic. It opens the door for a lot if and when Galactica arrives on earth. Can you imagine if they arrive and the time is the present? Why not?

Who would we have more in common with, the cylons or the humans? Or the skinjobs?

Maybe Galactica arrives on earth, and maybe they discover that the cylons were here first. I am looking forward to a climax and ending. Arriving at earth is the natural ending and I dearly hope they don't drag it out. Let the story arc have its day.

Alex said...

All I know is that if Apollo gives up Dee to get back with Starbuck, I will seriously consider bombing some studios.

(Umm... and for the benefit of the Homeland Security dudes who just tuned in, I'm merely using a rhetorical device called hyperbole. You can go back to your donuts, now.)

As for Stew's idea that the B-star could end up on present-day Earth, that's what happened in the short-lived spin-off series, Galactica 1980. We all know how that turned out for ABC.

Either way, SciFi will do the same thing it did to Farscape (a far superior show, in terms of original storytelling and character development) - reduce its marketing and operating budgets until production lapses and viewership gets cut in half, then blame poor ratings when they scrap the show and sell the sets, only to realize that more people watched the damned show than they thought (go figure! the Neilsons aren't completely accurate!), and were willing to shell out big bucks for four complete seasons on DVD.

I honestly doubt Galactica will make it more than five seasons if SciFi refuses to liquidate their rights to HBO or someone. They have this talent for screwing up perfectly good shows (the only possible exception I can think of is the Stargate franchise, which has been very hot/cold through the years).

Crunchy Carpets said...

Hey Alex....being that they do BSG up here... I can go and cause some serious whoop ass if they start messing around.

And yeah..SG1 was making gajillions with the dvd market and in Europe and I am amazed they let it lie for ten years.....I guess it was cheap enough.

And so it is inevitable that they will mess this one up too..

Oh and ooh...dh told me a rumour circulating that the reason the writing doesn't seem as 'good' now as it was in the early because the early stuff was all taken from someone elses script and proposal...the first lot that tried to develop it (not Richard Hatch).....that there is verbatum copying from THAT script.

Alex said...

Heh. Hollywood gossip kills me.

Crunchy Carpets said...

Ok..for those that watched the last episode!!!

If we didn't hate starbuck already...we sure do now!