Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Nobody's Watching Part 1

Guess What Billy Did After Battlestar Galactica? This is his pilot...for real.


Alex said...

Funny stuff. I'm enjoying lurking here so much that I threw you a link at my blog.

Crunchy Carpets said...

Cool and thanks!!

Glad you de lurked.

I wish his show had been picked is actually funny.

Actually all the stuff they do is funny.

The 'Nobody's Watching: Lost' is hilarious.

SQT said...

Thanks Alex!

CC, I'm slightly confused. Is this your husbands?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

I saw this a month or two ago online and I thought it was one of the funniest concepts ever. Not only were they taking a shot at the crappy sitcoms, their plots were just like a crappy sitcom.

Crunchy Carpets said...

No..that is 'Billy' from Battlestar....the presidents assistant that was killed.

He left BSG to do a pilot for a sitcom and it didn't get picked up.

He is now making a bunch of short films and dumping them on YouTube.

I WISH it was my dh's...he has a tv script that needs to be picked up.

SQT said...

Oh, I can't believe I missed that! I knew that guy looked familiar but I couldn't place him. And I was so pissed when they killed Billy off!

Alex said...

I think they have a lot more dead weight that could have been trimmed before Billy (who I liked). As much as I enjoy President Stands-With-Fists as an actress, I think her character's ability to hang on to political power after all of her shifty behavior, health issues, religious hullaballoo, and autocratic actions is at best far-fetched.

I was also happy to see Tigh's wife, though again a wonderful actress, go. With the direction they've taken this show in the last two seasons (I describe it as original Galactica meets the West Wing meets the serious episodes of Farscape), it's frustrating to see the writers are unwilling to make their characters culpable for their persistent forays into the gray areas of morality.

To wit: Starbuck, without any explanation or by your leave, was back on flight duty last episode, after getting her ass chewed by Admiral Labamba for sewing dissension among the ranks. What gives?

Not that I don't love the show. I just think the writers are beginning to make some lazy decisions. As Lord Acton said, "Kill your darlings." All the darlings are staying put, and the interesting characters who are out there on the periphery are the ones getting the axe. I'm just glad Gaeta didn't go - that would have been a bad decision.

SQT said...

They should have maybe explained Starbuck being put back on flight duty better. I know that they are supposed to be so short of pilots that maybe they could make it plausable to put her back on duty or at least mention some kind of punishment.

Starbuck is a tough character to like sometimes. Just when I think she's got some depth they kind of make her an ass again. That gets frustrating.

They also haven't been doing much with Apollo lately. I am glad he trimmed his chub of quickly though, that just wasn't what I wanted to see on him.

I really like Geta, the Cheif & Callie and I like watching Baltar try to save his own bacon. I don't mind President Roslins character, she's more palatable than Col Tigh and the deceased wife anyway.

SQT said...

BSG is still may favorite show though, they haven't begun to lose me yet!

Crunchy Carpets said... are so right...hubs and I were saying that while the show is fantastic..they do tend to be a bit sloppy with stuff.

And talk about Morals...what is going on with HELO!???

The one thing I like is that our gallant survivors are pretty much living up to the cylons expectations of them. They are corrupt, amoral, calculating.....lots of flaws.

Yeah I don't like how it is business as usual with the pres and her crew..not after living like they did on the planet. Dynamics would be different. And what about what's his name....Richard Hatch....he was dealmaking with the pres on the planet to be VP..what is he up to now!?

There would be a lot more issues like Starbuck...who if you remember pulled her bootstraps up after her dressing down by Adama and went and cut her hair..this was supposedly symbolic of her smartening up and doing her job.

Would have liked to have known where her hubs went though.

We also need some explanation about why they are still pursuing earth and not heading back to the colonies now that the cylons have pulled out.

Like that there was a vote or that it is just too far now to go check too many jumps, something.

Just a mention would be great.

cube said...

I wasn't happy about BSG killing off Billy. Those b**tards!

Alex said...

Yeah. I always liked the Chief and Callie. As cute as Grace Park is, I was pulling for Callie to win out in the end. She has a sort of innocence that is rare.

At first I thought I didn't like Starbuck because Dirk Benedict was irreplaceable. Then I thought it might be because his character got turned into a women. But now I realize she's just not a good person. She's selfish to an extreme, she does that tough chick thing that gets really stale in scifi/fantasy shows, and everybody seems to love her no matter how many times she betrays them or screws up.