Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Anne Bishop

If you are someone who objects to the use of witchcraft in the Harry Potter books, then Anne Bishop is not for you. Really really not for you. But if you're intrigued by authors who use character names like Saetan, Luciver and Daemon and use Hell as a location in the story, the The Black Jewels Trilogy might interest you. I came across Anne Bishop a few years ago. Another favorite author of mine, Lynn Flewelling, had a recommendation for Anne Bishop on her website. I went to Amazon, read a few reviews, and bought the first book the next day. Am I glad I did........... I'm not saying the Black Jewels Trilogy are the best books ever written. But they are very satisfying. They have a dark, sensual feel to them and Bishop brings a very inventive twist to the common conception of Hell. Some feel that Anne Bishop writes books that appeal to women more than men, and that may be true. She often uses witchcraft as a main theme in her books. The Black Jewels Trilogy is populated with witches, warlocks, demons and priestesses. These titles are not meant to invoke Satanism or the occult. It is merely the construct that Bishop uses for her stories. But so many authors have chosen to use the occult in today's fiction, Kelley Armstrong, Kim Harrison and Laurel K. Hamilton come to mind, that Bishop's work will appeal to fans of these other writers. But Bishop's books were published a bit before the current slew of occult fiction made it too the shelves, though it could be argued that Anne Rice truly invented the form. But if you're a fan of occult fiction, then I highly recommend Anne Bishop. Her books have a very emotionally satisfying element to them. Bishop puts her characters through the requisite challenges and she can be brutal with them. But for those who like a happy ending she does deliver and she doesn't stint on the retribution dealt to villains either. I admit, I am a sucker for books that do deliver a kind of predictable emotion payoff. I like fantasy because it isn't real. I don't like lasting suffering or "realistic" endings. So if you're like me, these books will appeal to you. For more in depth descriptions of Anne Bishops books, check out the wikipedia link to Anne Bishop. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Bishop

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